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DIY PDF Pattern and instruction 

 Pattern - Waterproof cloth potty training pants, individual custom fit, $9.49


 Pattern - Waterproof cloth pants for night wetter, individual custom fit, $9.49

      DIY PDF Pattern and instruction- Waterproof cloth pants for night wetter, individual custom fit, custom made

 Pattern - Waterproof cloth potty training pants with Velcro side closures, individual custom fit, $9.49


 A reflection and result of my experience sewing hundreds of waterproof cloth potty training pants, every step of this DIY is described, illustrated and/or photographed.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Pattern pieces and Pattern instruction are in PDF. Within 24 hours of payment and measurements received, a link and password will be provided through the email associated with the etsy transaction for you to download the files. I may follow up with you before sending the PDF if I see measurements may be off.

This pattern is for children with thigh round size under 16".

Information needed from you to deliver this order: your child's thigh round size, waist round size, and rise. Height, weight and age information are optional, but helpful at times.

How to measure: Use a tape ruler measure your child's thigh round size at top of thigh, waist round size just about belly button, and rise from belly button down through the crotch and up to natural back waist, following the conture of the fanny, without diaper or thick clothings on. Leave measurements when check out. If you missed it, leave them through Contact Us.

Materials needed:
Inside next to skin lining fabric – cotton flannel, muslin, or micro fleece 1/2 yard
In between absorbent material – 2 towels of micro fiber terry 16” x 16”
waterproof PUL 1/2 yard
Outer print fabric (optional) – flannel 1/2 yard
1/4" washable elastic - 1 yard

One yard fabric can produce 3 - 4 pairs of pants. Always feel free to contact me if you have questions if the materials are right or where to find them.

Major properties of the pants made from this pattern:

They train as your child feels comfortable when they are dry and feels wet if they go potty in them. And yet for the night wetter pants, the absorbant microfiber draws in water, so your child is not soaked all through the night.
They are reusable. Here is the math: if your child uses 3 disposable pants a day, it's 3 X 30.5 = 91.5 pants for a month, 549 pants for 6 month. If a child is day trained but still wets at night. With these you don't need to throw away one pair disposable pants a night, 30.5 pairs a month, 366 pairs a year. If you have more than one or plan to have more children, you can do the math. By using these, you can save hundreds of dollars, not to mention the waste you can avoid to add to landfill.    

With this pattern, you can make as many pairs as you want and your child may use them for several months to a year. 

They are waterproof, therefore, very parents friendly.

If your child hasn't started to take care of BM to toilet, you may want to order the pattern for Waterproof cloth potty training pants with Velcro side closures, otherwise order the pattern for Waterproof cloth potty training pants. For day trained children, you may order the patter for night wetter pants.


Important: You can make as many pairs of pants as you want to use. Please do not share this DIY with anybody else or use it any other way. This is copy right material.

Any questions, please contact us.